Gold Hill

Shaftesbury is only two miles away from Blackmore Vale Caravan Park and is one of Dorset's beautiful Saxon hill top market towns. Shaftesbury has an enviable history that goes back to medieval times but is also know more recently as the home of Gold Hill which Sir Riddle Scott made famous in his diretorial debute with the 'Hovis' advertisement (see video below.)
Of course Shaftesbury's Gold hill also offers agnificent views out over the Blackmore Vale and if youre feeling energetic there is even a Gold Hill cylce event held in June.
Gold Hill is a must see photo call for all visitors to Dorset, for those that aren't so keen on walking Gold Hill the 'salt cellar' cafe is situated at the top and allows you to take in the view of the Gold Hill. If you fancy the challenge of walking down and back up the hill why not do the same as the locals and stop for refreshment at the Two Brewers pub at the bottom. Land lady Kerry says your'e always allowed one more drink at the brewers to make up for the hill youre about to climb. 
Cost: Gold Hill is free to visit and take photographs of although donations in the large loaf of hovis bread are appreciated.
Location: in the centre of Shaftesbury high street behind the town hall.

Gold Hill Hovis Advert