Camping & Caravanning Week

National Camping & Caravanning Week from The Camping and Caravanning Club is a celebration of the nation’s growing love of camping, caravanning and the great outdoors.
This year we're marking NCCW with The Big Pitch on Saturday 4th June. The Big Pitch is part of National Camping and Caravanning Week 2011.
What is The Big Pitch?
The Camping and Caravanning Club have a theory, camping makes you richer! Richer in mind, body and soul.
So as part of National Camping & Caravanning Week the whole country's invited to spend one special night under the stars on Saturday 4th June.
The idea's to  see if by camping as a nation we can get richer and feel happier, together and Blackmore Vale Caravan & Camping Park are pleased to be support The Big Pitch for campsites in Dorset.
How can you join The Big Pitch?
Simple! Just contact the caravan park and book a pitch. The Camping and Caravanning Club are looking to get a nationwide picture of this one amazing day. So when you book let us know how you plan to maximise the richness that spending time outdoors with friends and loved ones can bring. For instance: Where are you camping? Who with? How are you planning to make it special? Are you doing it in fancy dress? Are you a first timer or an old hand?
How can camping make you rich?
Being rich isn’t only about money. Just ask anyone who goes camping about the ‘money can’t buy’ experiences they
have on every trip.
How it’s a priceless chance to get closer to nature and get back in touch with who you really are.
How working together to pitch the tent, cook the food and share the chores brings families closer together in a way that everyday life can’t.
How there’s a genuine, old-fashioned sense of community in camping that provides a richer experience than any four-star hotel.
The theoru is it’s a truer kind of wealth. Because it’s not about how much stuff you’ve got; it’s about how happy you feel.
So let’s put the theory to the test.
What do campers do all day?
It’s a question people who have never been on a camping holiday are quite entitled to ask. So here are just a few answers. From Blackmore Vale Caravan & Camping park you could discover nature on a walk up Duncliff Wood, go cycling
as a family on one the the Dorset cycle routes, see the local sights such as Gold Hill in Shaftesbury, pet animals on a farm, enjoy the amazing taste of food you’ve cooked outdoors, or treat yourself in our restaurant, watch the stars, learn about the constellations, see the sun rise, enjoy the dawn chorus, catch up on your reading, find precious time to talk and make plans…
And for some campers, the answer is: a great big, blissful, chilled out, never-been-so-relaxed-in-my-life nothing.
The question for you is: how will you spend your time on The Big Pitch?
What next?
  • Save Saturday 4th June in your diary: Big Pitch day!
  • See if a group of friends want to join in.
  • Booking your pitches 
  • Plan what you’d like to do on the day – and in the evening.
  • Above all, enjoy it. And let The Big Pitch help you feel richer.